SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. 60, 7/14/22

Hey, y’all. I’d be lying if I said this week has been less stressful than the last. If you’ve been following my IG story, you’ve probably seen that my car died on me this past weekend. So, on top of being a dope-ass dad, purveyor of good music and a top-tier employee at my vanilla job, I’ve now been saddled with trying to figure out a way to get my engine repaired for under $4,000. As it stands, I’d have to pay close to $10,000–but there’s a silver lining in the form of recalls on my specific make and model.

Anywho, since I know you’re not here to hear me cry a river about car troubles, I’ve begun to pour myself back into SOTB as well as everything else to keep myself sane and afloat during these trying times. This volume of Quickies is the 60th edition, the Chuck Bednarik edition. Some of my NFL fans out there may know of Chuck Bednarik as the guy who leveled Frank Gifford in 1960. One of the last two-way players, Bednarik made his name through hard hits, stifling defense and protection on the O-Line. There’s even an award named after his defensive accomplishments.

Because of that, this volume of Quickies has to do with hard-hitting lyrics, hard-hitting stories, and generally in-your-face subjects that may scare some writers. Me? I thrive in writing about heavy topics. Heck, it’s how I made my name since 2012, covering artists and stories that some others may not. So, when you hear Vol. 60’s playlist, remember this: we’re all capable of making earth-moving music. It’s just that some of us are capable of doing it over and over again, while some of us may only have a few times in our chamber. Doesn’t make anyone worse or better, but it’s just facts. Check out Vol. 60 below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

Whatever you need to know about me, you can find out on Dad of two, cat dad (of two), mental health advocate, Team Support Dope Music in All Its Forms.

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