Hak Black Reflects on His Past on “Finding Home”

A song that blends neo-soul, a bit of worldly production and soul and contemporary R&B, Hak Black’s “Finding Home” finds the artist coming to terms with his “complicated childhood.” Said childhood found his mother constantly “relocating to seek a better life.” While I never moved that often as a kid, I felt this one and felt for Black’s need to find a permanent home, even if “home is where the heart is.”

In my childhood, besides the couch-surfing era before Mama Young settled down with my stepfather, I lived in one house, the eponymous “1508 N. Luzerne Ave.” That said, things always changed in my world, as friends became foes, foes became memories and crushes became friends. I wanted some semblance of consistency, which I typically got from my mom (for better or worse). That said, even in her darkest moments, like Black’s mom, she had what she thought were my best interests in mind–even if it didn’t seem like it at the time.

The soothing instrumentation lets us peer into Black’s intimate thoughts and somewhat find ourselves in youth right along with him. I mean, most people don’t always understand why their parents do the things they do when it happens. However, one of these days, it (usually) all makes sense. Check out “Finding Home” below and support dope music in all its forms.

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