Krash and OneTwenty Present “For Days”

There are several reasons why I like the latest cut from Krash and OneTwenty. First, it’s lyrical as hell, full of punchlines and moments that’ll have you bobbing your head. Second, the melodic nature of the track is a bit different than what we may be used to from a hip-hop song. It’s not full-on Auto-Tuned rap, instead opting to be a mix of harmonies and vocals along with the BARS! Of course, I like Auto-Tuned rap, but sometimes I like to just hear unaltered harmonies in my hip-hop.

Overall, it’s definitely a song that’ll get you hyped (even though it’s not an overly hype song), mainly because it’s honest in its approach to the idea that we constantly grow while we’re alive. Ultimately, we keep things pushing because we have no choice but to in order to stay up and stay alive. Check it out below and support dope music in all its forms. I’m curious to see where each artist will find themselves in the coming weeks, months–even years.

Speed on the Beat

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