Life is a “Journi” for Charlie from the Couny

Even if I don’t post everything, I listen to everything I get. That said, I had to write about this new Charlie from the Couny bop, “Life is a Journi.” Charlie hops on a soulful boombap beat and proceeds to detail the journey he’s been on with his now-fiancĂ©e and her daughter. I felt this one in my soul (and not just because my shawty’s got a kid who isn’t biologically mine). More so, I felt it because it reminded me of how things are between my stepfather and me. He’s not my biological dad, but he’s been there for me through a lot of things.

Like, being a father is a crazy journey. Hell, being a parent is a crazy journey (especially a mother; shout-out to all the moms out there). That said, being involved with someone who’s got kids can be an even wilder ride. That’s because you’ve got to learn what works for you in terms of the child and their parent as well as balance between showing your own children and your new little person the ample amount of love they need to grow and prosper. Like Charlie said, non-biological parents aren’t there to replace the biological ones. It’s more, in a perfect situation, an added bonus because you’re getting love/giving love to more people (and love is an infinite thing). As a guy who’s talked to people with kids, has kids of my own and is someone’s “stepchild,” this is the perfect track.

Charlie’s been on his grind these last few months and I love to see it. I mean, it’s been years since he and I first met and I’m glad he’s finally getting the shine he deserves. Check out “LIAJ” below and support dope music in all its forms.

Also, love your kids. They’re part of you (even if not biologically). Don’t mistreat them or look down on them, even if you don’t vibe with their other parent. Put that ish to the side and give the kids love and foster that love.

Speed on the Beat

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