Jekalyn Carr’s “Great Christmas” is a Testament to God’s Love

It’s Christmas Season over here at SOTB (and in my soon-to-be new home), so anyone who submits Christmas-related tuneage this next month or so has a great chance to be featured on the SOTB site. Today, I’ve got the pleasure to talk a bit about “Great Christmas,” the latest song from contemporary gospel artist Jekalyn Carr. While I admittedly focus more on secular music, I know that God is good all the time and all the time God is good. I know that without God, I’d be lost for sure. There’d be no SOTB without my faith, even if I am more on the secular side of things. With that in mind, I have to give praise and glory; it’s only natural and right.

I love Carr’s vocals. I also love that the overall message of the song, as the press release says, truly is “no matter how [you choose to celebrate], you aren’t any less loved by God.” In other words, if you’re out here having to Zoom or Facetime with the family, you’re still golden. You’re not going to be left out in the cold just because you have to videocall your people. Given that I’ll probably be video calling some of my folks this year, that’s a message I can truly get behind. The visuals are great, as well, featuring Carr and her band in all white in front of a Winter Wonderland of sorts. The twenty-five-year old singer/songwriter truly is doing the Lord’s work here with this song. That’s especially because Christmas is a time for love, a time for joy and a time to give praise to the Most High.

Listen/watch the song below, support dope music in all its forms and remember that God loves us all.

Speed on the Beat

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