Jane Furie Contemplates Relationships on “My Love”

Sometimes, it pays to give a song a second chance. I originally declined posting about singer/songwriter Jane Furie’s “My Love” because I felt that the acoustic version of some of her songs (“My Love” being one of them) felt a bit too dramatic. I was in a mood and wanted things to be nice and easy. It be like that sometimes, as we’ve all said at one point or another.

However, I went back to her latest project, Live at Carbonite Sound (where the songs in the acoustic video originate). After coming across it on Spotify via SubmitHub, I did what I should’ve done in the first place. I embraced the melodic drama of the project. In doing so, it was as if another level opened up in my mind and I saw what the song really got at.

In short, “My Love” is a love song about a love that hasn’t happened yet. Because of that love not happening yet, the narrator in this song grows more and more frustrated. The possibility of a relationship is there, in bunches. It just hasn’t overcame that hurdle yet and it’s quite literally maddening for all involved. It takes the idea of star-crossed lovers and turns it on its head, as the narrator and her love are almost at the point they can be together–but they’re also very far apart from it all. This song helps color the entire project for me (in a good way)

Check out the song (and its parent album) below and support dope music in all its forms.

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