Fly Anakin and Pink Siifu Present “Affirmations”

Another cut from Anakin’s Skinemaxxx (Side A) project, “Affirmations” is a great track. I’m not going to spoil its premie/content, as I feel it’s one you should listen to with no reservations/preconceived notions. I love that the duo of Anakin and Pink Siifu (fresh off his Leather Blvd collaborative album) create this calm-but-chaotic energy around the subject matter. It also helps that there are BARS for all. It helps advance the story of Side A while also being strong enough to stand out on its own without being attached to a project. I love that Fly Anakin is finally getting even more of his well-deserved flowers (I first heard of him when Mr. “Get a Website” a/k/a Sto introduced me to his work). Check out “Affirmations” below, peep Skinemaxxx (Side A) and support dope music in all its forms (Which should be second nature for SOTB fans by now).

Speed on the Beat

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