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Let’s Talk the 6Tape

Chris Cassius’ new project gives us exactly what we need in this climate, even though it’s not straight-up “revolution music.” The project is a solid addition.

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Toonami Top 5: Chris Cassius

  What y’all know about Toonami? Anime has never been a trend in the United States–it has always been THEE trend. Anime shows are just Japanese cartoons in a nutshell, but it’s a bit deeper than that, as written in the beginning of one of my last pieces on a modern Mangaka making waves in […]

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New SOTBMusic: @6BRiXXX – Competition

Picking up right where he left off last month with his single “Devil’s Kids,” Baltimore native Chris Cassius returns with his latest track “Competition.” Deemed as his new brand of “Chest Vest Music,” 6BRiXXX teams up with Tokyo Tendo from producing collective Rage Boys. A change of pace from “Devil’s Kids,” Cassius returns to his […]

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