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New SOTBMusic: @JDVBBS Channels Drake and Kanye on 1000 Couches EP

JDVBBS returns to SOTBMusic with a new EP of work, 1000 Couches. The best way to describe this is 808s & Heartbreak meets Comeback Season Drake mixed with a bit of Pop&B. The multifaceted Virginia native definitely hits for the feels meter on this one, from the “the struggle is real but I still stand” intro to […]

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New SOTBMusic: @STEALFSOULJA – The Stoned Introvert

DMV artist Stealf Soulja (currently residing in SE D.C., per Twitter) finally drops The Stoned Introvert. The project features the baritone-ranged rapper speaking on a plethora of topics, mostly revolving around his own personal growth. Through “robbin’ hoods” to dealing with a dad who told him “the only thing I can leave you is a good […]

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