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SOTBMusic: These Beats of Mine 2 is Finally Here

SOTBMusic Presents ‘These Beats of Mine 2: An Unbreakable Golden Tendency’

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SOTBNerdy: Why Josuke Deserves His Flowers

(Spoiler Alert: This piece talks about past and present JJBA events. If you haven’t watch/read, do so or avoid this) As you know, I’m a huge JoJo fan. It’s gotten to the point that I’m now catching up with the manga to get a fix between episodes. With Golden Wind nearing its conclusion, I’ll have a lot more […]

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SOTBNerdy: Let’s Talk Diamond Is Unbreakable’s Jotaro

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t finished the DIU season of JJBA (either because you’re watching the dub or you’re getting into the series), I’ll try to avoid spoiling everything. However, you’ve been warned. And no, I haven’t really given the dub the time of day. Blame Vic Mignogna and the fact that the dub feels off compared to how […]

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