True God is Rhoda’s Son, Forever and Ever

In the midst of dealing with the death of his mother, True God decided to record one last album after Black Diamonds. An album with no features and heavy on emotion, Rhoda’s Son: Forever and Ever is a fitting farewell to both the woman who made True who he is. Whenever I saw his mother, she always made sure I was doing okay, even though she didn’t know me that well. That’s just the type of person she was.

Rhoda’s Son is a deeply personal project, one that allows True to just exist with his mother’s spirit. As we know, grief is one of those things that’ll never be one size fits all. Because of that, True released a project that speaks from his experience and doesn’t try to do a variety of things. It exists solely to let these emotions go, instead of him bottling them up.

And let go he does, releasing one of his most-vulnerable projects ever.

It’s definitely a project that’ll get you in your emotional bag and possibly even shed a tear or two. When I first heard it, I welled up a bit, simply because you can feel the pain he feels after losing her (as someone who lost his own mother, I felt every bar on this one). Check it out above, support dope music in all its forms and give people their flowers while they’re still on the physical plane.

Speed on the Beat

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