True God Says ‘The Sun Shall Shine Again’ on New Project

While life throws us negatives and terrible times, at times, there is one thing that is constant. That constant is this: there’ll be brighter days along with the negative ones. Even during the clouds, the sun shall always shine again. True God, hardworking artist extraordinaire, goes through this idea with the third Rhoda’s Son project after The Jazzy Detour and July’s Rhoda’s Son.

Things don’t start out this way, as the album’s intro details how things are more of the same: dark and uncertain. He’s at the end of his rope in some ways, as “Pistol on the Dresser” and parts of “Groove Theory” detail. He wants to grow past the users and abusers, but knows it’s sometimes easier said than done, as some of them still want to latch on. As tracks featuring Elite members detail, things are darker than dark. However, even in the darkness, there are moments of conquering the dark. And they outweigh and outlast the dark moments detailed.

This project is another musical therapy session, as he gives us every ounce of what he’s thinking, the good and the bad. Unlike the first Rhoda’s Son, it isn’t as focused on mourning. More so, on this project, it’s about picking up the pieces after a big loss and what happens when you’re moving past the initial shock(s).

True is in his bag on this one, floating over boombap and soulish tracks. Bar-wise, he’s never been sharper; it’s as if the music is its easiest, even as the life behind the music is harder than it was in some ways. 2020 has given us a general shitshow in terms of events; from Kobe to COVID, losses have piled up. That said, the sun shall shine again. True understands this, even after his more-personal losses. Check out the project below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.


True God contemplates his next moves and growing experiences on another introspective project.

Speed on the Beat

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