True God Takes a ‘Jazzy Detour’ on Latest Effort

I hold firm with the idea that if I didn’t know True, I’d still say he’s been one of the bright spots in my musical life over the last ten-plus years. His grasp of what he does? It’s top-notch, rivaling some of the best out. He can rap his ass off, but he also can make a complete song.

In the months after his mother’s death, he’s become a workhorse unlike even our early DAR years. He’s poured his pain and frustration over the situation into his music and poured his love into his relationship with his daughter. Last week, he dropped a pseudo-sequel to Rhoda’s Son entitled The Jazzy Detour.

TL;DR: True God’s latest project is personal and jazzy.

True God lyrics over jazz-rap beats is always a good thing for me since that’s where he shines the brightest. However, there’s something I didn’t expect with this collection: not only is it damn good, it’s also just as personal as Rhoda’s Son. True’s been on his reflective tip for a while and it seems as if he’s just getting better at a time where some artists would slow down or stop altogether.

When he mentioned that he was dropping a free project, I thought it’d be some freestyles over these beats and he’d be done with it. While there’s a lot of freestyled material, The Jazzy Detour is one of those projects that hits you in the chest as well as the brain with its topics. It isn’t as introspective as Rhoda’s Son, but it still provides listeners with an ample amount of True life story-related goodness. Whether he’s speaking on his mother or his past, he gives seven tracks that let the audience see into what makes True one of my favorite artists out. He’s in his bag the most on jazz-rap sounds and this one is no different. Where True goes after The Jazzy Detour, that’s one of those things to be seen. However, this is one detour listeners should take along the way.

Check out the EP below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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