On “Fair Weather,” DiZ Discusses His Relationship with His Mother

While my relationship with Mama Young was (mostly) great–aside from some mid-twenties hiccups–I empathize with DiZ‘s latest track, “Fair Weather.” The song delves into a somewhat tricky relationship between DiZ and his mother laid out over a melodic, sample-friendly instrumentation. Things sometimes go the way that they should and DiZ realizes this. However, he still wishes to mend the relationship as it’s still relatively important to him.

His requests/pleas for space from the situation hit hard, as I’ve been in that situation with Mama Young. While our relationship was great, there were those moments where she’d be a bit overbearing. That is, either be overbearing in a hovering sort of way or overbearing in a way that is more along the way DiZ explains about his situation on “Fair Weather.” I also love the instrumental on this one, as it allows DiZ to speak his peace into fruition. That peace is one that isn’t without its growing pains, but it’s still an obtainable peace–as long as both parties are willing to work towards it.

Check out DiZ’s latest below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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