NighLawn’s Got Another One with Aries 2.0

First things first, happy MFing birthday to my homie NighLawn. I’ve known her for years and she’s never switched up on me. In fact, her truths are one of her many strong points. She looks and sounds the part of a lyrical rapper who can also float melodically over beats. In other words, she looks good enough to take your girl or man, but sonically and lyrically deep enough that she probably doesn’t want them.

Her new project, Aries 2.0, dropped today and, in a few words, it’s fire.

In a few more words, it’s the sequel to her 2019 release Aries and it features a big growth in some ways while managing to cover a wide variety of feelings, emotions, moments and vibes. My main gripe with Aries 2.0 is that it’s over too damn quick. The album can be vibed with and listened to within a 20-minute session, which works out perfectly in a few ways. That’s because you can play it on the way to a function and get in your best mood. However, Lawn seems to be holding back on a full-length album for a bit. I’m not mad at it, because she understands the market and knows how to get a buzz around her name.

All things considered, 20 minutes of new NighLawn trumps 50 minutes of some of the more-established artists out there. That’s because she’s blunt and abrasive while still being lyrical and sweet at points. But you’ll never catch her slipping, which is another thing I love about her music. Check out Aries 2.0 and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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