Jas Lives for the Moments

There’s something about Jas’ matter-of-fact flow on “Moments” that grabbed my attention more than some of her other submissions (and had made me reevaluate those initial submissions). I’m not sure what it is, but she’s speaking some facts but doing so in a way that’s so “yeah, I already know what’s what.” There’s a bit of a soft spoken nature to the artist’s work, but it doesn’t come off as timid or afraid.

I think she’s also endearing to me because her sound is very lo-fi. It’s as if she’s, like I used to, recording this in her room on an OG Blue Yeti mic and some studio quality headphones. I’ve always got a soft spot for DIY artistry, even if it’s a bit outside my normal postings. The twenty-two year old artist is quickly becoming an SOTB fave because of her matter-of-fact flow.

This is part of Jas’ latest album, which also dropped today. Her album, if you liked the two tracks I’ve featured already, is more of the same vibes. However, it comes together in a way to paint a picture of a young woman figuring it all out as she goes. That youthfulness is respected around these parts, especially when it’s impressive in any way, shape or form.

As I said in my review of “Emotions,” she reminds me of a more-chill/whispery NighLawn. And y’all know how I feel about Lawn (in case you forgot, I love her style). So check out “Moments” below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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